Saturday 04/29/2017 05:26:00 AM
Honey Baudin
New group gifts ....
New group gifts now in Lilly's shop .... region : Teddys Shopping Mall... LM in the attachment.... Don't forget to activate the group before touching the group box ! Honey
Wednesday 04/26/2017 12:42:42 PM
Cloneu Inglewood
several of the servers were rebooted at thje data center all should be back online in ajhour or so
Wednesday 04/26/2017 10:53:31 AM
Victor DeAngelo
Sim Temporarily Down
Free LIfe Estates Members: Our region went down yesterday but will be back up as soon as it is restarted. The grid owner has been contacted so we are confident that it will be back up and running soon. All in all, we are happy that this does not happen often. Thank you for your patience. Victor
Sunday 04/23/2017 05:18:41 PM
Victor DeAngelo
Welcome New Residents!
The Free Life Estates would like to welcome our two newest residents, Kylie Bellamy and Dakkar Nightranger. Both are happily furnishing their new homes. This brings our total to exactly 10 residents with just 9 homes still available for occupancy. Also, we are now in the process of replacing some of the smaller vacant homes with larger modern homes while also trimming down our prim count. The FLE is thrilled to have Kylie and Dakkar with us. It's all good fun!
Saturday 04/22/2017 04:29:22 AM
Honey Baudin
Sorry for not beeing much here ...
I don't forget you .... I just go to school all day long to study and before and after school I have a work so only few hours left to study and sleep.... this is life :-( But I am here to build on saturdays and sundays.... and if you need any information, just send me an IM so I'll can help.... Thanks to all members... PS : if some of you didn't receive the Easter chocolate egg I have offered to all members , just tell me . Honey