When Words Fail... Music Speaks. Sharing Sultry, Sexy Bluez.... The Timeless Sounds of Jazz... And All Your Romantic Favorites... Can You Hear Me?

Classic Rock favorites that take you down Memory Lane and make ya Feel Good. Expect the un-expected

TOP 30 Country countdown on
Saturday evenings at 6 LPT
Sunday event to Top 25 Christian Countdown starting at 5 Pm Grid time


I play classic rock, rock, formals, and some metal. Will do weddings, formals, and private parties. I enjoy music from all genres as all era's have some really great tunes! So broaden your musical horizons and enjoy!

Although not a performing DJ Voo runs a stream when Inworld

Christian radio broadcasting Contemporary Christian music

   DJ Smile SERVER Off Line

Spinning the tunes that put a smile on your lips and the shake in your hips

If You are a LP resident and want your stream entered here IM Cloneu Inglewood